Technical Stores

We do stock a range of technical products in our warehouse for quick and less costly delivery.
Products like - Anti-Piracy items, hatch cover tapes (Ram-Nek, Real Seal), rubber packing for hatch covers and ships doors.
We offer wide range of valves, marine chemicals, mooring equipment, wire ropes, lifting equipment, safety products and much more.
We work closely with our suppliers, which enables us to provide the products you need in the most economical way possible.


Technical Services

We offer a wide range of technical services.
Repair, overhaul & maintenance. Engine & equipment services. Hydraulic system repairs, electromotors overhaul & spare Parts. Life raft & life boat Inspections.
Firefighting appliances (FFA) and fire extinguishers testing,
refill and supply. Calibration services and gas detecting equipment.
Working with certified partners to ensure the best service in the shortest time possible.


Mariteksa is your reliable partner in the supply of provisions and stores.
Our team is highly trained with expert knowledge of the products with multi ethnic awareness.
We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to cater to the diverse preferences and needs while remaining fully compliant with the high demands of today's food supply chain and international food safety standards.

Bonded Stores

We do stock full range of Bonded stores.
Whiskey, liqueur, wines, rum, tequila, vodka, brandy, gin, cognac, beer, cigars and cigarettes.
Selection that will satisfy everyone’s needs.